Halcyon Project

Wayrest Falls

Adventure Log — Halcyon Campaign — Session 18

Day 97 (4 October) – Exit Fey Realm through Winter Courtyard. Barely avoid the Dragon, despite Logan’s sudden total clumsiness. Travel E, E, NE to the Spiral Sage.

Fate of Horses:

Pack Horses: 1 dead, 1 missing Enoch’s: 3rd ear; +2 on listen checks Halgar’s: OK Donald’s: OK Logan’s: missing Se’s: 4 extra legs, immobile, had to be put down Ederon’s: “Srasha”, has gills

Night passes without incident (Ederon/Donald, Enoch/Logan, Halgar/Se)

Day 98 (5 October) – Sky hazy in the east. Travel E, SE, SE arriving in Trapper’s Kitchen. Se continues on without us. Three trappers and Cookie are present. News: soldiers have returned; pass has closed; foreign soldiers were rounded up, disarmed, and arrested during the annual festival; Richard sent men to arrest Controy, outcome unknown; Richard was last seen heading towards Wayrest with Bear. Another trapper arrives with more news: the smoke is from the fire that destroyed the eastern half of Tinderbox.
Day 99 (6 October) – Cookie wakes up blind. Rune (MoX) in dirt nearby. Given Ederon’s history with Cookie, the party suspects him of being the cause. Party travels SE, E, arriving in Ashwood around 10:30am. Tim the dirt farmer takes us to Jacob’s place. (Jacob – mid-40s, white beard, missing right leg, Se’s father, Headsman of Ashwood.) Controy is dead, as are the men that Jacob sent (to assure Controy’s safety) with Richard’s forces. Jacob wants us to take Wayrest. Promises information if we do, arrest if we don’t. Suspecting a trap, Halgar shapeshifts into an eagle to check Vantage Point. Spend night in Tinderbox.

Day 100 (7 October) – We are joined by Brant, 20 Boundry Wardens, and 60 local militia. Before daybreak we discover a group of bandits planning a direct frontal assault on Wayrest. We hide in the woods while the bandits pass. Halgar becomes an eagle again and warns Wayrest of the bandit assault. Finds Edgar there with 50 men. Halgar stays, claiming to help, while actually learning about the gate mechanisms.

Halgar spend the night drinking hard with Edgar. Edgar sided with the King. Richard and Bear were arrested, beaten, and imprisoned at Wayrest. Halgar convinces Edgar that he (Halgar) can turn him (Edgar) into an eagle.

Day 101 (8 October): Halgar returns to Tinderbox for planning session.

Day 102 (9 October): Dawn. Edgar falls for Halgar’s con and falls to his death. Brant, his men, and the party begin their assault on Wayrest. With the loss of their leader and the inside help from Halgar, Wayrest falls.
===== ===== =====

XP for Logan + 3,633 = 13,048
XP for party members + 7,266

Storming the Tower

Adventure Log — Halcyon Campaign — Session 17

Day 94 (1 October), continued; night – Watch Order: Ederon/Donald, Enoch/Logan, Halgar/Se. Night passes uneventfully.
Day 95 (2 October) – Spent the day resting and healing. The night was quiet … too quiet.
Day 96 (3 October) – The alabaster Tower tapers to a point high above us. Despite its obvious Elven design, it is well-built even by Dwarven standards. The gates are made of a silvery metal. Within the Spring Courtyard is the base of a shattered statue (limestone; appears to have been a warrior). The Summer Courtyard features a statue of an Elven mother and child. Attempt to climb a spiral staircase at the gate lands Enoch in a pit when he triggers a trap turning the staircase into a slide. Se and Logan join him during the first rescue attempt. The second rescue attempt succeeds.

The bridge between the gatehouse and the tower features a catapult trap that Enoch and Donald trigger. Subsequent attempt to cross brings the party to a bare room with a pit trap. The party hears a voice speaking in Sylvin; he calls himself the Thin Man and says he can help slay the Fey Queen if we can cause her enough harm. Stairs to the next level feature another trap that shoves Enoch into the pit where he picks up a cursed iron dagger. Thin Man is able to remove it. Reaching the 3rd level we find weapons in racks along the wall, stains on the floor, and a hypnotic rose in a glass case on a pedistool in the center of the room. More stairs, more traps. Reaching the 4th level, we find a richly appointed room: tapestries on the walls, jewels and silk streamers hanging from the ceiling, diffuse flickering light from unknown sources, a stone coffer hanging on a silver chain, an oversized four-poster bed, planters with exotic plants, windows overlooking the courtyards (which weren’t visible from the outside), a wardrobe, a weapon rack, and a statue of the an Elven woman. The Fey Queen appears and combat begins. After a heated battle (literally for Enoch as his sword began to heat up), the party is victorious and the Thin Man prevents her from returning. INVENTORY

Ederon Bottled Storm

Se Boots of Winter

Enoch Circlet of Jilar (+3 on Charisma-base checks)

3 non-magic Rings (gold, silver, platinum)

4 each pouch with 28 magic feathers (Feather Fall magic)

Ederon Horn of Elvinkind (magic circle vs evil; 1 hour duration; 1/day)

Masterwork harp

Logan magic dagger (from coffer; Throwing Dagger of Returning)

snow white fur coverlet non-magic (but expensive) paper

Se jade snake (becomes 60’ self-climbing rope)

Enoch magic quill (takes dictation; infinite ink)

Ederon magic Amethyst necklace (gem of True Seeing; 30 min/day; possibly cursed)

3 vials of non-magic something (perfume?) 2 expensive outfits 3 good quality outfits

Donald magic leather scabbard (for a longsword; Keen Edges, 3/day)

1 magic Elven Rapier (Keen Edges (15-20 Crit Range), glows blue in presense of evil) 3 Masterwork Elven Rapiers

Halgar Javelin with lightning motif (120’ line of lightning; one time use; 5d6 damage)
5th level we camp and rest…

Closing in on the Tower
The slain telepaths were each wearing a magical (Abjuration Magic) pendant which we took (one for each member of the party with Halgar taking the extras). We retreated back to the shitmonger’s lair for 36 hours to heal. Day 90 [Sept 27] – We return to the chambers of the Singing Telepaths and engage them in the third (largest so far) of their hemispherical chambers. As they begin their magical attack chant and we charge into combat, Ederon turns invisible and goes walkabout. After a pitched battle, in which the odds were once again against us, we emerged, injured but victorious. Ederon appeared at the end of the battle to take out the final (fleeing) telepath and to let us know the rest of us know the layout of the remainder of the dungeon. We enter a room that rather resembles a giant gray vagina. It seems that the telepaths are spawned from the gray ooze that lives in here. After another nasty battle, the gray ozze falls defeated. Travelling down another corridor we are stopped by a mirrored spherical room. Ederon is able to levitate across to the other side where he retrieves the Keystone (aka the Gate Stone). Night 90 to Daybreak 93: Rest and recovery. Day 93: We return to the temple where we arrived from the “ocean”, a realm we have now concluded is the Ethereal Plane spoken of in the sacred texts of the Goddess of the Fish in the Sea. The Keystone opens the gateway. I lead Donald and Logan through. Halgar and Se linger to be sure that Ederon does not steal the Keystone from the shitmongers. (Despite their precautions, I personally suspect that Ederon is still in fact in possession of the Keystone.) Ethereal Plane: We find the usual – ashphalt plains, lightning-lit nebula sky, Heptapods (lamppost-like, seven-sided, purple creatures), seven-legged crabs, hills, and 5 visible Shell Structures. Selecting a different Shell Structure as our goal, we set out. A Heptapod attacks, and I gain a measure of revenge for my last encounter by defeating this one with a mighty blow with my Goddess-blessed sword. We reach the Shell Structure and… Day 93, continued: …we emerge in a Druid circle coming throu the only intact archway. We find ourselves in an old-growth forest, much more to my (and I’m sure Se’s and Halgar’s) liking. Halgar climbs a tree. He spots the Spiral Sage 10 miles east-northeast and mountains to the west and northwest. Assuming the accuracy of my mapmaking, we have indeed arrived in the area of the ancient Elven tower. Day 94: We begin our search for the tower and are successful around mid-day. The tower, clearly once a beautiful Elven structure of white stones and wrought iron gates, stands in ruins. It appears that it has exploded from the inside. Entering the decaying courtyard, we smell the unmistakable scent of Forest Dragon breath…

[OOC Notes: Group XP was 660 for NPCs, 1320 for PCs. Individual XP was not given out.]

Enter the Shitmongers

Halcyon Campaign — Adventure Log — Sessions 14 (5/??) & 15 (6/2)

We entered a 10′×10′ chamber with a filth-covered downward slope; clearly the dumping ground of some creatures with less-sensitive noses than ours. This led us to give them the uncomplimentary (but somewhat accurate) nickname: shitmongers. Ahead of us stretched a 10’ wid corridor of Dwarven construction. Although we only discussed it briefly, we all seemed to draw the same conclusion: it is unlikely that a Dwarven-carved corridor resides beneath an Elven tower. My guess at which direction to travel in the “ocean” had clearly been mistaken. Nevertheless, ever forward. About this time, three things happened in rapid succession: Our blue-skinned captive passed out and shot spines into most of the party. Ederon killed our captive and pitched him into the dump. A group of blue-skinned shitmongers attacked us. After discovering that they also shoot out their spines when they die, we retreated to the room we had arrived in to heal. During second watch, the shitmongers sent an envoy with the message peace-peace-peace-mercy. We quickly learned that the shitmongers can only communicate via messages written in Dwarven Runes and all messages are of exactly 4 (or 16) runes. We went to the shitmonger’s lair where we were greeted by their Shaman and sixteen others. We learn that we are in an ancient Dwarven Temple; that the shitmongers formerly had the Gate Stone (which we’ll need to return to the “ocean”; and that the stone was stolen by a “singing thief” which the shitmongers believe angered the Gate Gods. They also seem to believe that we are some sort of holy servants of the Gate Gods which, while useful, makes me somewhat uncomfortable. The shitmongers led us to an artificial river with a Dwarven drawbridge. Halgar determined how to lower the bridge. Ederon used spells to follow Halgar instructions. Once across the river, we find a series of hemi-spherical rooms inhabited by the Singing Telepaths (possibly an off-shoot of the Dark Dwarves). After a prolonged and desperate battle, we succeeded in slaying twenty-seven of them.

[OOC Notes: Group XP was 580 for NPCs, 1160 for PCs. Individual XP was given out.]

Around and Around

[Halcyon Campaign — Session 12 (4/6/2011)]

Day 68 (Sept 5): All attempts to track the Manimals failed. Given our suspicions that they were trying to prevent the demons escape, we decided that tracking them was probably not the highest priority. Halgar (150gp), Grimli (150gp), and Ederon (75gp) contributed to better equiping myself and Donald. We travelled to Tinderbox, though only I entered as the others did not want Richard to know that they were in the area. The mood in the town was tense and there was a large armed presense. After purchasing the most critically needed items (Chain Shirts for myself and Donald, a Masterwork backpack, rations, a Healer’s Kit, etc), I rejoined the group and we camped for the night. Bear left to join Richard’s rebellion.

Day 69 (Sept 6)

Decision was made to seek out the ancient Elvin Tower. Message was dispatched to the Red Witch regarding the escape of the Demon. Donald’s injuries were healed.

Day 70 (Sept 7)

We travled from just south of Tinderbox, through Ashwood, to just south of Trapper’s Kitchen without incident
Day 71 (Sept 8)

Crossed through the Trapping Grounds into a wooded area where we found stick figures hanging from many of the trees. They seem to be neither evil nor magic, and Se says that they are known to appear throughout the woods in Upper Teigh. I discovered that Ederon has a cloud of evil hanging over him, perhaps a result of his reckless actions in the tomb. I will be monitoring the intensity of the evil and his actions very closely.

Day 72 (Sept 9)

Headed west attempting to approach where we believe the Elvin Tower to be. We encountered a magical effect that closed the forest around us forcing us back to the east. Attempts to go northwest also resulted in us being turned around.
Day 73 (Sept 10)

Headed northeast and found the ancient road. When we attempted to follow it to the Elvin Tower, we found that the road had decayed and disappeared. Deciding to consult with the Red Witch, we backtracked to the southwest.

Day 74 (Sept 11; Feast of the Darkness, holy day for worshippers of the Protectress of the Forest).

Continued traveling southwest and west towards the Red Witch. During Third Watch an unusually yellow Will-o-Wisp passed near the camp.

Day 75 (Sept 12)

Traveled southwest and then southeast around the lake and reached the Red Witch’s clearing in late afternoon. Although she had sent us to stop the demon from being released, now that he had been, she was no longer concerned with him. The Red Witch (again speaking only through her raven) warned us of a “Princess of the Woods”, the “Daughter of a Forest Lord”, who has gone evil and turned against nature. She lives in the Elvin Tower (thus our difficulty approaching it), is responsible for the animal abominations that my companions have encountered, and even turned her consort into some sort of evil being to “save him”. In addition, she intends to strike against the inhabitants of the Vale on the Winter Solstice (Dec 20 or 21?) and wipe out all of the Humans and Dwarves who live there. Apparently the only way to stop her is to kill her. The Red Witch also told us how to find the Spiral Sage (whom we previously thought was living in the Elvin Tower). By following the river northeast and then following the spiral undulations in the earth, we should be led directly to him.

Day 76 (Sept 13; 1st Quarter Moon)

Traveled northwest and northeast around the lake. That night, on 1st watch, an Owlbear attacked. Arsic and I absorbed the beast’s attacks allowing the rest of the party time to slay the foul creature.

Day 77 (Sept 14)

Traveled due east along the north shore of the lake. The day passed uneventfully.

Day 78 (Sept 15)

Traveled northeast. encountered the ancient road. On the far side of the river (across the intact ancient bridge), we found a month-old corpse of an Ogre pinned to a tree by a giant-sized (20’ long) magical (protection magic) metal spear (with stone hands still attached). Ogre’s only treasure was a raccoon skull (which Arsic took).

Day 79 (Sept 16)

We followed the river, crossing to the north shore. We encountered the undulations (that the Red Witch told us about and that we had previously seen only the beginning of) and after studying the curvature, headed towards the presumed center. Eventually we had to stay on the top of the spiral undulations for the sake of the horses and cart. Reaching the center, we found a large tower shaped like a conch shell.

Day 79-80 (Sept 16-17)

The evening of the 16th and the morning of the 17th, we had two bizarre conversations with the Spiral Sage. In no particular order (if order has any meaning where the Spiral Sage is concerned):

—his tower is bigger on the inside than the outside and is apparently a living structure

—he has hundreds of 7-legged albino carbs at his command (and seemingly breeds theam)

—the round doors and furniture appears to be made out of flesh

—the Spiral Sage is clearly some sort of other-dimensional being but can appear Human or Dwarven

—the Demon (an enemy of the Elves, whom Ederon released), the book (which my compnions recovered at Ten Trees), and a Keystone (needed to open the Standing Stone) were all sealed in the tomb we recently raided, and were placed there by Elves and some great cost long ago

—moving through time is called sliding

—the keystone was taken by three of Harlow’s men and they aparently still have it

—the Spiral Sage was as amused by our concepts of space and time as we were confused by his verbal antics

—we showed him the book

—it requires “electricity” to work (at first I thought he was speaking of a person (Alex Tri-City) or a place (Elected City), but it turns out he meant lightning); we considered letting Halgar use his lightning magic to try and activate it but decided to hold off for now.

Day 80 (Sept 17; Feast of the Snowbird, holy day for worshippers of the Mistress of the Hunt)

Mid-morning, we are debating how to proceed from here…


Watch Schedule: 1st Arsic & Ederon; 2nd Grimli & Enoch & Donald; 3rd Halgar & Se

Injuries: Enoch: fully healed; Donald: fully healed

XP Awarded for Session: ? for PCs; ? for Donald

Revolution Brewing


Day 33 in Upper Teigh
We traveled to Trappers’ Kitchen without incident. Met Cookie. Heard news that the bandits had struck the Upper Teigh tax transport. Sir Richard was forced to double-tax the people of Upper Teigh. Cookie felt that Job’s warrant was probably legit.

Days 34-39 in Upper Teigh
Explored region southwest of Trappers’ Kitchen. Encountered, killed, and skinned a Dire Wolverine of unusual size.
Discoved the slaughtered and skinned remains of Job the Trapper inside a Fey-enchanted circle devoid of even the smallest insect life. Took Job’s masterwork crossbow (as proof as death; later sold), masterwork hand axe (later sold), a flask with silver inlay (Tio later gives this to Halgar), 50’ silk rope (later left in party treasure room), and a masterwork pan flute (which Se took despite Tio’s misgivings).

Day 40 in Upper Teigh
Donald, Grimli and Arsic head to Ottershaw on personal business.
We traveled to the Logging Camp. The foreman/cook was hostile and provided no useful information. Arrived in Ashwood in late afternoon and sold wolverine skin to Harold the Tanner for 650 GP. Returned to Tinderbox, arriving at nightfall and retired to Eight Plates for the night (leaving a watch).

Day 41 in Upper Teigh
Donald rejoins the party. Met with Sir Richard who wants us to return to Ten Trees. Suspecting a trap, we leave a false message for Richard (indicating that we are returning to Ottershaw to meet up with the others.

Day 42 in Upper Teigh
Left at dawn; traveled to path between Ten Trees and Raine’s Fortress, and picked out an appropriate spot for an ambush. Found a useable campsite out of eye- and earshot of the path.

Day 43 in Upper Teigh
Ambush did not spot anyone along the path.

Day 44 in Upper Teigh
Ambush captured Barney (nearly killing him in the process). Barney was on his way to meet with Jameson (a Bandit) at the Gallows. Bluff Barney using some slight of hand and a necklace. Barney fails miserably in completing his mission and we learn nothing (and completely compromise Barney in the eyes of Edgar and the Bandits).

Facts: —Edgar is communicating with the Bandits using Barney to run messages
—Barney is consistently used to transports goods which are then stolen by the Bandits immediately following each message exchange
—Barney is not as dumb as everyone (myself included) has been treating him
—Barney is aware that we have discovered his and Edgar’s part in the Bandit conspiracy
—Barney is NOT an innocent party; he is an active and vital part of the conspiracy

While the others are questioning Barney upon his return, I spotted three riders on the road. Unable to alert the others and not liking three-on-one odds, I had no choice but to let them ride on and then return to camp.
Knowing that Barney was compromised and was a clear, present, and undeniable threat to our well-being, I decided to end the debate by killing him. The party stopped me. I now know who has (or perhaps more accurately, who does NOT have) my back. As long as Barney is alive, our lives hang by the thinnest of threads. However, with no backing whatsoever, I see no way to proceed. My time in Upper Teigh is likely coming to an end. My only goal now is making sure that end is not at the end of a rope.

Days 45-46 in Upper Teigh
Travel without meeting anyone to a cave that Se knew of west of the Grazing Lands. The (foolhardy and purely suicidal) plan is to bluff Barney into remaining at the cave for the immediate future.
Evening at the cave, we discuss the idea of kidnapping Edgar to confirm his part in the Bandit conspiracy. I reveal my previously unrecorded dealing with Edgar as a possible way to draw Edgar outside of the city walls.

Day 47: Arrived at the Standing Stone. No sign of Grimli and Arsic.

Day 48: Dawn at the Standing Stone. Still no sign of Grimli and Arsic, so we agreed to proceed with the plan to kidnap Edgar. Bear and Donald went to check on Barney who was still safe. Se and Halgar went to the bridge west of Tinderbox to plan the ambush site. Ederon and I went to Tinderbox. Playing like we had been betrayed by our party and that the party was also after Edgar, I was able to sow enough paranoia to get Edgar to agree to me Ederon and myself at the bridge at nightfall. I did perhaps too good a job as he insisted on bringing at least one guard with him.

In an amazing twist of fate, our plan actually worked more or less as we intended. Sleep spells removed the horses from the equation. When our companions lept out of hiding, I played that I was as surprised as Edgar, leaving him feeling safe to turn his back on me. Thus surrounded, the guard was soon felled and Edgar captured without any real harm. We were able to transport him to an abandoned cabin in the woods not far from Barney’s cave where we heard Edgar’s tale.

Edgar and Richard have been in contact with Jameson, a bandit who controls around half of the raiders who have been making life difficult for everyone in Upper Teigh. Even as Controy plots to use the bandits to set himself up as King, Richard is doing the same, allowing Controy to do most of the work and take all of the blame until it is too late for anyone to stop Richard.

Not entirely believing him, Bear and I agreed to meet with Richard. We were given the code word “Liana” to convince Richard of Edgar’s wellbeing. We should try to find out who/what Liana is.

Day 49: As we enter Tinderbox, the four (double the normal number) gate guards and the Captain surrounded Bear and I and attempted to arrest us, managing to (temporarily) restrain Bear. A brief fight ensued and I slew the Captain. Before things escalated, we manage to arrange to meet with Richard at the Barracks rather than in a cell. Richard is not entirely forthcoming, but he agrees to meet with the whole group at his manor house.

That evening, we arrive with Edgar and Barney in tow. Richard confirms Edgar’s story and reveals, in broad strokes, his own plan to become the King of Upper Teigh.Richard offers us Titles, Land , and gold in exchange for us staying out of his (and Controy’s) way until he needs our assistance. His plan is to seige Wayrest around my 80th day here in Upper Teigh. Over half of Teigh’s soldiers would be in the Vale by then, and half of them are natives who would potentially side with him. The pass beyond Wayrest would be closed for the winter and by spring, Lower Teigh will already be in dire straights between a two front war (with Barra and ???) and being cut off from their major resources (food, gold, manpower). We agree to discuss his offer and continue the meeting in the morning.

Day 50: Richard is basically giving us a choice between fealty (with all the perks) to him or being prisoners until his plan comes to fruition.

Se – Excited by the prospect of being a Titled Landholder.

Bear – Also siding with Richard, but wanting to oporate in a more Mercenary role.

Ederon – For some reason, he also seems to side with Richard.

Halger – Refuses to side wth the “Oathbreaker” Richard threatens to leave the party.

And I – Politics it what sent me out into the world and what prevents me from returning home without a substantial amount of wealth. I am tired of politics. It is a big world and my map is mostly blank. Something I intend to rectify.

Halgar and I leave Richard’s manor house while the others entrench our fates further into the political machine. I select a blnk point on the map and insist that I want to know what is there. Surprisingly, the party agrees. We willset off at dawn tomorrow.

Day 51 (29 days until the revolution): Grimli returns to Tinderbox just as we (including Donald) were planning for our expedition. Horses, Ponies, a Mule and a cart were purchased along with additional rations for the expedition.

Day 52 (28 days until the revolution): We set out. While passing through the Grazing Lands, we locate a fordable span across the river to the south. Duely noted on the map for future reference. We camped for the night south of the Logging Camp.

Day 53 (27 days until the revolution): We crossed through a forested area into a spider-infested rocky area. We reached my goal, which turned out to be a dead-forest spider-infested region. Returned to rockier ground to camp for the night. We found an ancient fallen column. Further investigation turned up carvings of humanoid wrestlers on the column. During 3rd watch, a spider swarm appeared. They behaved strangely, apparently drawn to the disturbed column, and seemed unnaturally observant of us. Despite some injuries and a general inclination to flee, we (and by we I mean our spellcasters) dispatched the swarm.

The plan for Days 54 to 56 was to explore my goal.
Sometimes a map ends because no one has ever returned to fill in the blanks. —The All-Mother

Day 54 (26 days until the revolution): We began to explore the dead-forest area that I had selected as my goal-of-the-moment. What happened next was my own damn fault. However…
Fate conspires to bring about the course of events that was meant to be. —The All-Mother
At any rate, I was able to add to our map of the area. We discovered an unnatural circular region (1/2 mile across) of living (if somewhat “off”) plants surrounding an ancient temple. Crude traps filled the area, but we were able to avoid them. Bear, Halgar, and I entered the temple. Ederon and Grimli stayed at the entrance. Se and Donald stayed back with the horses. At this point all hell broke loose and spiders (tens of thousands of tiny one as well as five giant ones) and a mysterious woman attacked. Bear and I went down, under the effect of some sort of spell, but quickly recovered and charged the woman, sure that she was controlling the spiders. Bear got struck by another spell and was down for the count. Shortly thereafter, I fell beneath the combined attacks of the spiders.

What follows is what I learned from my fellow adventurers: Halgar also fell to the attackers. He, Bear, and I were pulled to safety by the others as the battle wore down. The spiders were all dispatched, but the woman (transformed into a half-humanoid, half-spider creature) escaped, apparently using some sort of invisibility spell. Deciding that retreat was the best option at this juncture. Two cases containing magical energies were looted from the temple and then the party headed out of the area as night fell. One last giant spider pursued the party but was quickly dealt with. Bear kept the head in hopes of extracting the poison.

Days 55 to 56: The party continued to travel back towards Tinderbox. Halgar recovered enough to realize that I was slipping closer to death. His magic saved me. Halgar noticed what had occurred to me ten days earlier: I am turning blue. What the hell? Skin, hair, eyes, everything. Perhaps it is some sort of karmic retribution for some transgression on my part. Day 63 is the All-Mother’s next holy day; I shall have to pray for guidance.

Day 57 (23 days until the revolution): at dawn we reach Tinderbox. The case were opened without incident and found to contain 3 scrolls and a wand. Ederon is studying them. For my part, I would love to return and get some revenge on that spider-woman, finish our exploration of the region, and maybe see how large that lake is.

Investigating the Standing Stone


Day 16 in Upper Teigh
We traveled to Ottershaw without incident. Located home of James & Lydia (frail, redhead) on left side of main north-south road with sunflowers in front. Learned that Lilly is engaged to Tom of Ahwood, the Boundry Warden and friend of Se.
We continued northeast to the Standing Stone. Along the way we encountered the clearly-enchanted bridge and roadway whose magic has allowed them to withstand the passage of time. Magic seems to emanate from a rune-stone on the side of the bridge.
Notes about the Standing Stone:
—Most people only visit the Standing Stone once
—The stone is not native to the area
—Everything in the area (plants, stones, even the river) seem to spiral around the stone; Standing Stone and several of the surrounding rocks have the same rune on them
I climbed to the top of the Standing Stone. Roughly 15-20 miles to the northwest there is a castle, possibly with a Dragon flying around it.

Days 16-18 in Upper Teigh
We explored the area (hex) around the Standing Stone, finding nothing of interest.

Day 19 in Upper Teigh
We returned to Ottershaw for supplies and to make further inquiries about the Standing Stone.

Days 19-22 in Upper Teigh
We explored the area around the stone bridge. We encountered a pack of wolves, including one unusually large one, but were able to avoid combat.

Days 23-25 in Upper Teigh
Explored another region.

Day 26 in Upper Teigh
Return to continue exploring the stone bridge and the Standing Stone. Discovered that following the spiral around the Standing Stone causes an etching of a door and the above-mentioned rune, to appear, but further efforts to open the door failed.

Day 27 in Upper Teigh
Holy Day in celebration of the All-Mother.

Days 27-29 in Upper Teigh
We explored the region west of the Standing Stone. We discovered two stone statues of 9-10’ tall humanoids, hunched over as if in pain (Day 29).

Days 30-32 in Upper Teigh
We continued our westerly explorations. We discovered a cave and slayed the ogre living there. Se was noticeably absent from the combat. We found a steel shield, 17 SP, and evidence of the creature’s carnivorous habits.
On the evening of Day 32, we were attacked by Stirges.

In Which the Party Intercedes for Donald

Day 5 in Upper Teigh
After an inadequate amount of rest, Arsic, Grimli, Halgar, Se, and I met to discuss the fate of Donald, and the decision was made to try to have him spared in favor of working for us.
Ederon and Bear were not present. They apparently got caught up in drinking and paid female companionship while attending some sort of sporting event involving sharks and ice. (Reminds me of a story I heard in my childhood. A Dawrven warrior had hired on as a guard aboard a ship making the northern passage despite his typical aversion to water. Among the gold he received in payment was a rare gold coin, a coin he dearly wanted for his ancient coin collection. One day, while admiring the coin on deck, a shark lept out of the water and bit the Dwarf’s other arm, dragging him overboard. Unwilling to release his grip on the coin even while fighting for his life, the Dwarf succeeded in dragging himself AND THE SHARK back aboard the ship where the shark soon suffocated. But, I digress…)
Arsic, Se, and I met with Sir Richard to deliver the recovered loot and ask for mercy on Donald’s behalf. We left with an agreement to collect or payment and find out Donald’s fate that evening.
Returning to Eight Plates to meet back up with the Dwarves, we discussed Donald further. Personally, I became convinced that we had already gone to as much trouble as he deserved, and I retired to my room.
Tom, a Boundry Warden and friend of Se’s, arrived at the Eight Plates with news that Richard had no intention of considering our request for Donald and in fact planned to have him die during interrogation. The party decided to go to the temple to seek Patriarch Alben’s intervention. I objected on the grounds of (firstly) not wanting to endanger our relationship with Richard, our reasonably generous patron, and (secondly) not wanting to get into the middle of local politics. However, as long as I am a member of the party, I will go along with the majority, at least until they put us in more danger than I’m willing to accept.
At the temple, we met Acolyte Edwin (whom Alben continuously and confusingly called Godric) and Patriarch Alben. Alben was convinced that our cause was just and agreed to what was a strenuous journey for him (being as he seems to be about 120).
Traveling to the jail with Alben perched precariously aboard one of our mules, we sent Arsic and Grimli in to deal with Edgar and the Chief Interrogator. While they were able to prevent Donald’s death and, with Alben’s influence, end any further interrogation, we clearly crossed a line with Richard that I don’t think will turn out well for us.
Returning to the temple, we waited for Richard to arrive. While he was clearly very upset with our interference with his plans, he ceded to Alben’s influence and allowed us to take custody of Donald. Arsic, Grimli, and Se return to the jail and retrieve Donald. Arsic and Se agree to take on most of the responsibility for Donald.

Day 6 in Upper Teigh
We collected our payment for the recovered loot, coming out to 116GP for each of the seven members of the party.

Days 7-10 in Upper Teigh
Grimli met with the town backsmiths (Joseph and his adventure-envious son Rod) and acquires a repeating crossbow.
Se travels to Ashwood to visit her parents.
Halgar shopped for a masterwork backpack and hide armor.
Arsic acquired pack saddles for our three mules (although Halgar padi for them).
I contacted the Temple and posted on the town board as to my availability as a Scribe anytime that I was in town.

Day 11 in Upper Teigh (The Bug Hunt)
With Ederon and Bear still off on their binge, the rest of the party decided to go hunt an Ankheg, if only to determine how much of a threat these things actually posed to the community.
Between Halgar’s entangle magic and a variety of ranged attacks (including Donald using a crossbow) we made quick work of the beast. It did, however, cost me a gold coin for the sickly calf we used for bait and the throwing dagger I had carried with me from home. Turns out Ankheg’s both spit and bleed acid. Who knew. (If one expects surprises from one’s opponents, you is seldom truly surprised. —the All-Mother)
We were able to collect the reward for slaying the beast from a reluctant and pissed off Edgar. Nineteen gold for each of the five of us plus five for Donald (held in account by Arsic (who is also paying his 2SP wage) until such time as he earns his freedom.

Days 12-15 in Upper Teigh
We passed the time fairly quietly, recovering from our recent adventures.

Ten Trees Looted


Day 4 in Upper Teigh
As the night wore on into the early hours of the morning, we spread out through the bandit camp (called Ten Trees), looted as was our right as the survivors, and questioned Donald (our prisoner).
From Donald, we learned that the leader of Ten Trees was Mikail, who reported directly to Iron Rayne Harlow; that there was a small group of bandits expected near dawn, returning from the Vantage Point above the Wayrest-Tinderbox road; that a major raid had been planned for just after daybreak; and that Iron Rayne Harlow has a fortress twelve miles south of the canyon that leads to Ten Trees with no less than 25-35 men, increasing almost daily.
While Ederon and I were looting the bodies and dragging them out of plain sight, the others located and freed Milo (for whom we had seen a missing poster back in Tinderbox) and found a stash of stolen goods.
The stolen goods included silk, furs, high quality manacles, and oil. The combination led to a rather ribald discussion of the sorts of parties the bandits must have (especially when added to the image of a moustachioed dancing halfing in a skirt).
Mikail’s cabin was located and looted. Items of note: an ornate box; a book in a vertical text that none of us could identify; an hourglass; 2 jade carvings; an ivory dagger; and (thanks to Milo) a large box of treasure, which on opening poisoned Arsic, who fortunately seems likely to recover.
I acquired a Masterwork Rapier. Though I still prefer my longsword for actual combat, the rapier makes an excellent showpiece when traveling through populated areas. I also picked up a second throwing dagger
We prepared an ambush for the three lookouts; my part was to cut off their escape route. We are hoping to not alert Harlow to our identities before we confront him. I need to do some work on this whole hiding-behind-boulder-while-wearing-a-really-long-cloak thing. Combat, naturally, ensued. I score an excellent hit on one of the bandits, leaving a fine red mist hanging where he had stood. Se skewered another, pinning his skull to the boulder beside me. The third I had to chase down and dispatch. (The best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal —the All-Mother.)
Using three mules we found at Ten Trees, we headed back to Tinderbox with the loot: a Masterwork mandolin; a high-quality fur cloak (Se took a liking to it); a silver ring with three stones, the Dwarves told me what they were, but it has slipped my mind; four bags of caltrops which my companions split up among themselves; a bottle of brandy; iron rations; an 8” tall carving of a women adorned with the phrase ‘come back to me’; 14 short swords; 2 rapiers (in addition to the one I acquired); 8 short bows; 2 composite long bows; 6 fighting daggers; and 2 throwing daggers (1 of which I have kept as a backup).
On the path back to the main road, we were attacked by an unnaturally large and misshapen boar (10’ long and over 7’ at the shoulder). Though Se was injured badly, all of us survived. The remainder of our journey back to town was blessedly uneventful.
Back in Tinderbox, we split up to secure our loot. I went with the rest to check in with Sir Richard. He offered to buy back the stolen goods to attempt to return them to the rightful owners. (I admit we briefly considered not telling him about all we had recovered. I’m still not fully sure of where his loyalties lay.) We made an appointment for the to-morrow to meet him and deliver the stolen goods.
Meeting back up at Eight Plates, I proposed that while I’m all in favor of selling off most of the loot, I feel we should donate the unneeded armor and weapons to Sir Richard to aid his defense of the town and its surroundings.
We split up the coinage (around 139.37 each; pretty good for a night’s work). Everything else will have to wait; I fully intend to sleep for the remainder of the day and night.

The Battle of Ten Trees
Ten Trees

Day 3 in Upper Teigh
In the pre-dawn hours, we met two more mean seeking adventure: Grimli, a capable looking Dwarven warrior, and his traveling companion, Arsic, a half-Orc healer. Upon discussion, we decided that seven sounded like a better number than five if we were going to continue to explore bandit- and ankheg-infested wilderness.
Thanks to Se and a bit of eavesdropping on conversations at Eight Plates, I have learned a bit more about Tinderbox and Upper Teigh.

King Kasilof is the ruler of both Upper and Lower Teigh.

Duke (Aaron) Controy is a nephew of the Queen.

Sir Richard, Constable of Tinderbox and our benefactor, has a small manor house outside of Tinderbox.

Other local officials include: the village headsmen, Jacob of Ashwood and Beck of Ottershaw; Patriarch Alben, an old and respected healer; and a representative of the Tinderbox Trade Association, whose name I missed.

Teigh operates on a ten day calendar system. Every 10th day is a Holy Day. Every 100th day is a High Holy Day.

The frontier is patroled by the all-volunteer Boundry Wardens.

Eight Plates is owned by Fat Legs and his wife Ifalna. They are apparently raising their nephew Corbin.

The other inn/tavern in town is the Golden Chalice, about which I’ve heard nothing good.

There is an old Mage in Ottershaw, who is reportable a bit senile.

Day 3 in Upper Teigh, continued
After getting some sleep, I met up with my companions and went to see Sir Richard. We found him and Edgar overseeing the hanging of the bandits that we brought back to town the day before. (NOTE TO SELF: Justice is swift around here; stay on Richard’s good side.)
Speaking to Sir Richard, we learned that there were approximately 12 bandits in a lair off the Wayrest-Tinderbox road. Deciding that taking down the bandits might resolve many of the other issues in Upper Teigh, we set out in search of this lair.
We found the path leading south without difficulty; it was not too difficult to spot to the trained eye. Se and I had both expected batter given how organized these bandits are supposed to be.
Several obstacles were lain along the path: a series of bear traps, one of which I cleverly triggered by stepping in to warn the others (One must learn to laugh at one’s misfortunes —the All-Mother) which we moved to the opposite sides of the trees they were hidden by; a reptilian creature known as a tasselworm left a dead bunny as bait, Grimli, Se, and I were able to dispatch it and (believing it to be set here by the bandits) left its corpse on display as if the bunny had slain it.

Overnight, Days 3-4 in Upper Teigh
The trail led to a ravine. Despite our attempts at stealth, we were ambushed by the bandits. After a pitched battle that nearly cost all of us our lives, we prevailed. Nearly twenty bandits, including their Fey-touched leader, were slain; one was captured; none escaped. Though we were clearly outmatched, our combat prowess and strategic magic use saved the day.


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