Halcyon Project

The Battle of Ten Trees

Ten Trees

Day 3 in Upper Teigh
In the pre-dawn hours, we met two more mean seeking adventure: Grimli, a capable looking Dwarven warrior, and his traveling companion, Arsic, a half-Orc healer. Upon discussion, we decided that seven sounded like a better number than five if we were going to continue to explore bandit- and ankheg-infested wilderness.
Thanks to Se and a bit of eavesdropping on conversations at Eight Plates, I have learned a bit more about Tinderbox and Upper Teigh.

King Kasilof is the ruler of both Upper and Lower Teigh.

Duke (Aaron) Controy is a nephew of the Queen.

Sir Richard, Constable of Tinderbox and our benefactor, has a small manor house outside of Tinderbox.

Other local officials include: the village headsmen, Jacob of Ashwood and Beck of Ottershaw; Patriarch Alben, an old and respected healer; and a representative of the Tinderbox Trade Association, whose name I missed.

Teigh operates on a ten day calendar system. Every 10th day is a Holy Day. Every 100th day is a High Holy Day.

The frontier is patroled by the all-volunteer Boundry Wardens.

Eight Plates is owned by Fat Legs and his wife Ifalna. They are apparently raising their nephew Corbin.

The other inn/tavern in town is the Golden Chalice, about which I’ve heard nothing good.

There is an old Mage in Ottershaw, who is reportable a bit senile.

Day 3 in Upper Teigh, continued
After getting some sleep, I met up with my companions and went to see Sir Richard. We found him and Edgar overseeing the hanging of the bandits that we brought back to town the day before. (NOTE TO SELF: Justice is swift around here; stay on Richard’s good side.)
Speaking to Sir Richard, we learned that there were approximately 12 bandits in a lair off the Wayrest-Tinderbox road. Deciding that taking down the bandits might resolve many of the other issues in Upper Teigh, we set out in search of this lair.
We found the path leading south without difficulty; it was not too difficult to spot to the trained eye. Se and I had both expected batter given how organized these bandits are supposed to be.
Several obstacles were lain along the path: a series of bear traps, one of which I cleverly triggered by stepping in to warn the others (One must learn to laugh at one’s misfortunes —the All-Mother) which we moved to the opposite sides of the trees they were hidden by; a reptilian creature known as a tasselworm left a dead bunny as bait, Grimli, Se, and I were able to dispatch it and (believing it to be set here by the bandits) left its corpse on display as if the bunny had slain it.

Overnight, Days 3-4 in Upper Teigh
The trail led to a ravine. Despite our attempts at stealth, we were ambushed by the bandits. After a pitched battle that nearly cost all of us our lives, we prevailed. Nearly twenty bandits, including their Fey-touched leader, were slain; one was captured; none escaped. Though we were clearly outmatched, our combat prowess and strategic magic use saved the day.



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