Halcyon Project


Day 4 in Upper Teigh
As the night wore on into the early hours of the morning, we spread out through the bandit camp (called Ten Trees), looted as was our right as the survivors, and questioned Donald (our prisoner).
From Donald, we learned that the leader of Ten Trees was Mikail, who reported directly to Iron Rayne Harlow; that there was a small group of bandits expected near dawn, returning from the Vantage Point above the Wayrest-Tinderbox road; that a major raid had been planned for just after daybreak; and that Iron Rayne Harlow has a fortress twelve miles south of the canyon that leads to Ten Trees with no less than 25-35 men, increasing almost daily.
While Ederon and I were looting the bodies and dragging them out of plain sight, the others located and freed Milo (for whom we had seen a missing poster back in Tinderbox) and found a stash of stolen goods.
The stolen goods included silk, furs, high quality manacles, and oil. The combination led to a rather ribald discussion of the sorts of parties the bandits must have (especially when added to the image of a moustachioed dancing halfing in a skirt).
Mikail’s cabin was located and looted. Items of note: an ornate box; a book in a vertical text that none of us could identify; an hourglass; 2 jade carvings; an ivory dagger; and (thanks to Milo) a large box of treasure, which on opening poisoned Arsic, who fortunately seems likely to recover.
I acquired a Masterwork Rapier. Though I still prefer my longsword for actual combat, the rapier makes an excellent showpiece when traveling through populated areas. I also picked up a second throwing dagger
We prepared an ambush for the three lookouts; my part was to cut off their escape route. We are hoping to not alert Harlow to our identities before we confront him. I need to do some work on this whole hiding-behind-boulder-while-wearing-a-really-long-cloak thing. Combat, naturally, ensued. I score an excellent hit on one of the bandits, leaving a fine red mist hanging where he had stood. Se skewered another, pinning his skull to the boulder beside me. The third I had to chase down and dispatch. (The best laid plans of mice and men are usually about equal —the All-Mother.)
Using three mules we found at Ten Trees, we headed back to Tinderbox with the loot: a Masterwork mandolin; a high-quality fur cloak (Se took a liking to it); a silver ring with three stones, the Dwarves told me what they were, but it has slipped my mind; four bags of caltrops which my companions split up among themselves; a bottle of brandy; iron rations; an 8” tall carving of a women adorned with the phrase ‘come back to me’; 14 short swords; 2 rapiers (in addition to the one I acquired); 8 short bows; 2 composite long bows; 6 fighting daggers; and 2 throwing daggers (1 of which I have kept as a backup).
On the path back to the main road, we were attacked by an unnaturally large and misshapen boar (10’ long and over 7’ at the shoulder). Though Se was injured badly, all of us survived. The remainder of our journey back to town was blessedly uneventful.
Back in Tinderbox, we split up to secure our loot. I went with the rest to check in with Sir Richard. He offered to buy back the stolen goods to attempt to return them to the rightful owners. (I admit we briefly considered not telling him about all we had recovered. I’m still not fully sure of where his loyalties lay.) We made an appointment for the to-morrow to meet him and deliver the stolen goods.
Meeting back up at Eight Plates, I proposed that while I’m all in favor of selling off most of the loot, I feel we should donate the unneeded armor and weapons to Sir Richard to aid his defense of the town and its surroundings.
We split up the coinage (around 139.37 each; pretty good for a night’s work). Everything else will have to wait; I fully intend to sleep for the remainder of the day and night.



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