Halcyon Project

In Which the Party Intercedes for Donald

Day 5 in Upper Teigh
After an inadequate amount of rest, Arsic, Grimli, Halgar, Se, and I met to discuss the fate of Donald, and the decision was made to try to have him spared in favor of working for us.
Ederon and Bear were not present. They apparently got caught up in drinking and paid female companionship while attending some sort of sporting event involving sharks and ice. (Reminds me of a story I heard in my childhood. A Dawrven warrior had hired on as a guard aboard a ship making the northern passage despite his typical aversion to water. Among the gold he received in payment was a rare gold coin, a coin he dearly wanted for his ancient coin collection. One day, while admiring the coin on deck, a shark lept out of the water and bit the Dwarf’s other arm, dragging him overboard. Unwilling to release his grip on the coin even while fighting for his life, the Dwarf succeeded in dragging himself AND THE SHARK back aboard the ship where the shark soon suffocated. But, I digress…)
Arsic, Se, and I met with Sir Richard to deliver the recovered loot and ask for mercy on Donald’s behalf. We left with an agreement to collect or payment and find out Donald’s fate that evening.
Returning to Eight Plates to meet back up with the Dwarves, we discussed Donald further. Personally, I became convinced that we had already gone to as much trouble as he deserved, and I retired to my room.
Tom, a Boundry Warden and friend of Se’s, arrived at the Eight Plates with news that Richard had no intention of considering our request for Donald and in fact planned to have him die during interrogation. The party decided to go to the temple to seek Patriarch Alben’s intervention. I objected on the grounds of (firstly) not wanting to endanger our relationship with Richard, our reasonably generous patron, and (secondly) not wanting to get into the middle of local politics. However, as long as I am a member of the party, I will go along with the majority, at least until they put us in more danger than I’m willing to accept.
At the temple, we met Acolyte Edwin (whom Alben continuously and confusingly called Godric) and Patriarch Alben. Alben was convinced that our cause was just and agreed to what was a strenuous journey for him (being as he seems to be about 120).
Traveling to the jail with Alben perched precariously aboard one of our mules, we sent Arsic and Grimli in to deal with Edgar and the Chief Interrogator. While they were able to prevent Donald’s death and, with Alben’s influence, end any further interrogation, we clearly crossed a line with Richard that I don’t think will turn out well for us.
Returning to the temple, we waited for Richard to arrive. While he was clearly very upset with our interference with his plans, he ceded to Alben’s influence and allowed us to take custody of Donald. Arsic, Grimli, and Se return to the jail and retrieve Donald. Arsic and Se agree to take on most of the responsibility for Donald.

Day 6 in Upper Teigh
We collected our payment for the recovered loot, coming out to 116GP for each of the seven members of the party.

Days 7-10 in Upper Teigh
Grimli met with the town backsmiths (Joseph and his adventure-envious son Rod) and acquires a repeating crossbow.
Se travels to Ashwood to visit her parents.
Halgar shopped for a masterwork backpack and hide armor.
Arsic acquired pack saddles for our three mules (although Halgar padi for them).
I contacted the Temple and posted on the town board as to my availability as a Scribe anytime that I was in town.

Day 11 in Upper Teigh (The Bug Hunt)
With Ederon and Bear still off on their binge, the rest of the party decided to go hunt an Ankheg, if only to determine how much of a threat these things actually posed to the community.
Between Halgar’s entangle magic and a variety of ranged attacks (including Donald using a crossbow) we made quick work of the beast. It did, however, cost me a gold coin for the sickly calf we used for bait and the throwing dagger I had carried with me from home. Turns out Ankheg’s both spit and bleed acid. Who knew. (If one expects surprises from one’s opponents, you is seldom truly surprised. —the All-Mother)
We were able to collect the reward for slaying the beast from a reluctant and pissed off Edgar. Nineteen gold for each of the five of us plus five for Donald (held in account by Arsic (who is also paying his 2SP wage) until such time as he earns his freedom.

Days 12-15 in Upper Teigh
We passed the time fairly quietly, recovering from our recent adventures.



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