Halcyon Project

Investigating the Standing Stone


Day 16 in Upper Teigh
We traveled to Ottershaw without incident. Located home of James & Lydia (frail, redhead) on left side of main north-south road with sunflowers in front. Learned that Lilly is engaged to Tom of Ahwood, the Boundry Warden and friend of Se.
We continued northeast to the Standing Stone. Along the way we encountered the clearly-enchanted bridge and roadway whose magic has allowed them to withstand the passage of time. Magic seems to emanate from a rune-stone on the side of the bridge.
Notes about the Standing Stone:
—Most people only visit the Standing Stone once
—The stone is not native to the area
—Everything in the area (plants, stones, even the river) seem to spiral around the stone; Standing Stone and several of the surrounding rocks have the same rune on them
I climbed to the top of the Standing Stone. Roughly 15-20 miles to the northwest there is a castle, possibly with a Dragon flying around it.

Days 16-18 in Upper Teigh
We explored the area (hex) around the Standing Stone, finding nothing of interest.

Day 19 in Upper Teigh
We returned to Ottershaw for supplies and to make further inquiries about the Standing Stone.

Days 19-22 in Upper Teigh
We explored the area around the stone bridge. We encountered a pack of wolves, including one unusually large one, but were able to avoid combat.

Days 23-25 in Upper Teigh
Explored another region.

Day 26 in Upper Teigh
Return to continue exploring the stone bridge and the Standing Stone. Discovered that following the spiral around the Standing Stone causes an etching of a door and the above-mentioned rune, to appear, but further efforts to open the door failed.

Day 27 in Upper Teigh
Holy Day in celebration of the All-Mother.

Days 27-29 in Upper Teigh
We explored the region west of the Standing Stone. We discovered two stone statues of 9-10’ tall humanoids, hunched over as if in pain (Day 29).

Days 30-32 in Upper Teigh
We continued our westerly explorations. We discovered a cave and slayed the ogre living there. Se was noticeably absent from the combat. We found a steel shield, 17 SP, and evidence of the creature’s carnivorous habits.
On the evening of Day 32, we were attacked by Stirges.



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