Halcyon Project

[Halcyon Campaign — Session 12 (4/6/2011)]

Day 68 (Sept 5): All attempts to track the Manimals failed. Given our suspicions that they were trying to prevent the demons escape, we decided that tracking them was probably not the highest priority. Halgar (150gp), Grimli (150gp), and Ederon (75gp) contributed to better equiping myself and Donald. We travelled to Tinderbox, though only I entered as the others did not want Richard to know that they were in the area. The mood in the town was tense and there was a large armed presense. After purchasing the most critically needed items (Chain Shirts for myself and Donald, a Masterwork backpack, rations, a Healer’s Kit, etc), I rejoined the group and we camped for the night. Bear left to join Richard’s rebellion.

Day 69 (Sept 6)

Decision was made to seek out the ancient Elvin Tower. Message was dispatched to the Red Witch regarding the escape of the Demon. Donald’s injuries were healed.

Day 70 (Sept 7)

We travled from just south of Tinderbox, through Ashwood, to just south of Trapper’s Kitchen without incident
Day 71 (Sept 8)

Crossed through the Trapping Grounds into a wooded area where we found stick figures hanging from many of the trees. They seem to be neither evil nor magic, and Se says that they are known to appear throughout the woods in Upper Teigh. I discovered that Ederon has a cloud of evil hanging over him, perhaps a result of his reckless actions in the tomb. I will be monitoring the intensity of the evil and his actions very closely.

Day 72 (Sept 9)

Headed west attempting to approach where we believe the Elvin Tower to be. We encountered a magical effect that closed the forest around us forcing us back to the east. Attempts to go northwest also resulted in us being turned around.
Day 73 (Sept 10)

Headed northeast and found the ancient road. When we attempted to follow it to the Elvin Tower, we found that the road had decayed and disappeared. Deciding to consult with the Red Witch, we backtracked to the southwest.

Day 74 (Sept 11; Feast of the Darkness, holy day for worshippers of the Protectress of the Forest).

Continued traveling southwest and west towards the Red Witch. During Third Watch an unusually yellow Will-o-Wisp passed near the camp.

Day 75 (Sept 12)

Traveled southwest and then southeast around the lake and reached the Red Witch’s clearing in late afternoon. Although she had sent us to stop the demon from being released, now that he had been, she was no longer concerned with him. The Red Witch (again speaking only through her raven) warned us of a “Princess of the Woods”, the “Daughter of a Forest Lord”, who has gone evil and turned against nature. She lives in the Elvin Tower (thus our difficulty approaching it), is responsible for the animal abominations that my companions have encountered, and even turned her consort into some sort of evil being to “save him”. In addition, she intends to strike against the inhabitants of the Vale on the Winter Solstice (Dec 20 or 21?) and wipe out all of the Humans and Dwarves who live there. Apparently the only way to stop her is to kill her. The Red Witch also told us how to find the Spiral Sage (whom we previously thought was living in the Elvin Tower). By following the river northeast and then following the spiral undulations in the earth, we should be led directly to him.

Day 76 (Sept 13; 1st Quarter Moon)

Traveled northwest and northeast around the lake. That night, on 1st watch, an Owlbear attacked. Arsic and I absorbed the beast’s attacks allowing the rest of the party time to slay the foul creature.

Day 77 (Sept 14)

Traveled due east along the north shore of the lake. The day passed uneventfully.

Day 78 (Sept 15)

Traveled northeast. encountered the ancient road. On the far side of the river (across the intact ancient bridge), we found a month-old corpse of an Ogre pinned to a tree by a giant-sized (20’ long) magical (protection magic) metal spear (with stone hands still attached). Ogre’s only treasure was a raccoon skull (which Arsic took).

Day 79 (Sept 16)

We followed the river, crossing to the north shore. We encountered the undulations (that the Red Witch told us about and that we had previously seen only the beginning of) and after studying the curvature, headed towards the presumed center. Eventually we had to stay on the top of the spiral undulations for the sake of the horses and cart. Reaching the center, we found a large tower shaped like a conch shell.

Day 79-80 (Sept 16-17)

The evening of the 16th and the morning of the 17th, we had two bizarre conversations with the Spiral Sage. In no particular order (if order has any meaning where the Spiral Sage is concerned):

—his tower is bigger on the inside than the outside and is apparently a living structure

—he has hundreds of 7-legged albino carbs at his command (and seemingly breeds theam)

—the round doors and furniture appears to be made out of flesh

—the Spiral Sage is clearly some sort of other-dimensional being but can appear Human or Dwarven

—the Demon (an enemy of the Elves, whom Ederon released), the book (which my compnions recovered at Ten Trees), and a Keystone (needed to open the Standing Stone) were all sealed in the tomb we recently raided, and were placed there by Elves and some great cost long ago

—moving through time is called sliding

—the keystone was taken by three of Harlow’s men and they aparently still have it

—the Spiral Sage was as amused by our concepts of space and time as we were confused by his verbal antics

—we showed him the book

—it requires “electricity” to work (at first I thought he was speaking of a person (Alex Tri-City) or a place (Elected City), but it turns out he meant lightning); we considered letting Halgar use his lightning magic to try and activate it but decided to hold off for now.

Day 80 (Sept 17; Feast of the Snowbird, holy day for worshippers of the Mistress of the Hunt)

Mid-morning, we are debating how to proceed from here…


Watch Schedule: 1st Arsic & Ederon; 2nd Grimli & Enoch & Donald; 3rd Halgar & Se

Injuries: Enoch: fully healed; Donald: fully healed

XP Awarded for Session: ? for PCs; ? for Donald



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