Halcyon Project

The slain telepaths were each wearing a magical (Abjuration Magic) pendant which we took (one for each member of the party with Halgar taking the extras). We retreated back to the shitmonger’s lair for 36 hours to heal. Day 90 [Sept 27] – We return to the chambers of the Singing Telepaths and engage them in the third (largest so far) of their hemispherical chambers. As they begin their magical attack chant and we charge into combat, Ederon turns invisible and goes walkabout. After a pitched battle, in which the odds were once again against us, we emerged, injured but victorious. Ederon appeared at the end of the battle to take out the final (fleeing) telepath and to let us know the rest of us know the layout of the remainder of the dungeon. We enter a room that rather resembles a giant gray vagina. It seems that the telepaths are spawned from the gray ooze that lives in here. After another nasty battle, the gray ozze falls defeated. Travelling down another corridor we are stopped by a mirrored spherical room. Ederon is able to levitate across to the other side where he retrieves the Keystone (aka the Gate Stone). Night 90 to Daybreak 93: Rest and recovery. Day 93: We return to the temple where we arrived from the “ocean”, a realm we have now concluded is the Ethereal Plane spoken of in the sacred texts of the Goddess of the Fish in the Sea. The Keystone opens the gateway. I lead Donald and Logan through. Halgar and Se linger to be sure that Ederon does not steal the Keystone from the shitmongers. (Despite their precautions, I personally suspect that Ederon is still in fact in possession of the Keystone.) Ethereal Plane: We find the usual – ashphalt plains, lightning-lit nebula sky, Heptapods (lamppost-like, seven-sided, purple creatures), seven-legged crabs, hills, and 5 visible Shell Structures. Selecting a different Shell Structure as our goal, we set out. A Heptapod attacks, and I gain a measure of revenge for my last encounter by defeating this one with a mighty blow with my Goddess-blessed sword. We reach the Shell Structure and… Day 93, continued: …we emerge in a Druid circle coming throu the only intact archway. We find ourselves in an old-growth forest, much more to my (and I’m sure Se’s and Halgar’s) liking. Halgar climbs a tree. He spots the Spiral Sage 10 miles east-northeast and mountains to the west and northwest. Assuming the accuracy of my mapmaking, we have indeed arrived in the area of the ancient Elven tower. Day 94: We begin our search for the tower and are successful around mid-day. The tower, clearly once a beautiful Elven structure of white stones and wrought iron gates, stands in ruins. It appears that it has exploded from the inside. Entering the decaying courtyard, we smell the unmistakable scent of Forest Dragon breath…

[OOC Notes: Group XP was 660 for NPCs, 1320 for PCs. Individual XP was not given out.]



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