Halcyon Project

Storming the Tower

Adventure Log — Halcyon Campaign — Session 17

Day 94 (1 October), continued; night – Watch Order: Ederon/Donald, Enoch/Logan, Halgar/Se. Night passes uneventfully.
Day 95 (2 October) – Spent the day resting and healing. The night was quiet … too quiet.
Day 96 (3 October) – The alabaster Tower tapers to a point high above us. Despite its obvious Elven design, it is well-built even by Dwarven standards. The gates are made of a silvery metal. Within the Spring Courtyard is the base of a shattered statue (limestone; appears to have been a warrior). The Summer Courtyard features a statue of an Elven mother and child. Attempt to climb a spiral staircase at the gate lands Enoch in a pit when he triggers a trap turning the staircase into a slide. Se and Logan join him during the first rescue attempt. The second rescue attempt succeeds.

The bridge between the gatehouse and the tower features a catapult trap that Enoch and Donald trigger. Subsequent attempt to cross brings the party to a bare room with a pit trap. The party hears a voice speaking in Sylvin; he calls himself the Thin Man and says he can help slay the Fey Queen if we can cause her enough harm. Stairs to the next level feature another trap that shoves Enoch into the pit where he picks up a cursed iron dagger. Thin Man is able to remove it. Reaching the 3rd level we find weapons in racks along the wall, stains on the floor, and a hypnotic rose in a glass case on a pedistool in the center of the room. More stairs, more traps. Reaching the 4th level, we find a richly appointed room: tapestries on the walls, jewels and silk streamers hanging from the ceiling, diffuse flickering light from unknown sources, a stone coffer hanging on a silver chain, an oversized four-poster bed, planters with exotic plants, windows overlooking the courtyards (which weren’t visible from the outside), a wardrobe, a weapon rack, and a statue of the an Elven woman. The Fey Queen appears and combat begins. After a heated battle (literally for Enoch as his sword began to heat up), the party is victorious and the Thin Man prevents her from returning. INVENTORY

Ederon Bottled Storm

Se Boots of Winter

Enoch Circlet of Jilar (+3 on Charisma-base checks)

3 non-magic Rings (gold, silver, platinum)

4 each pouch with 28 magic feathers (Feather Fall magic)

Ederon Horn of Elvinkind (magic circle vs evil; 1 hour duration; 1/day)

Masterwork harp

Logan magic dagger (from coffer; Throwing Dagger of Returning)

snow white fur coverlet non-magic (but expensive) paper

Se jade snake (becomes 60’ self-climbing rope)

Enoch magic quill (takes dictation; infinite ink)

Ederon magic Amethyst necklace (gem of True Seeing; 30 min/day; possibly cursed)

3 vials of non-magic something (perfume?) 2 expensive outfits 3 good quality outfits

Donald magic leather scabbard (for a longsword; Keen Edges, 3/day)

1 magic Elven Rapier (Keen Edges (15-20 Crit Range), glows blue in presense of evil) 3 Masterwork Elven Rapiers

Halgar Javelin with lightning motif (120’ line of lightning; one time use; 5d6 damage)
5th level we camp and rest…



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