Halcyon Project

Adventure Log — Halcyon Campaign — Session 18

Day 97 (4 October) – Exit Fey Realm through Winter Courtyard. Barely avoid the Dragon, despite Logan’s sudden total clumsiness. Travel E, E, NE to the Spiral Sage.

Fate of Horses:

Pack Horses: 1 dead, 1 missing Enoch’s: 3rd ear; +2 on listen checks Halgar’s: OK Donald’s: OK Logan’s: missing Se’s: 4 extra legs, immobile, had to be put down Ederon’s: “Srasha”, has gills

Night passes without incident (Ederon/Donald, Enoch/Logan, Halgar/Se)

Day 98 (5 October) – Sky hazy in the east. Travel E, SE, SE arriving in Trapper’s Kitchen. Se continues on without us. Three trappers and Cookie are present. News: soldiers have returned; pass has closed; foreign soldiers were rounded up, disarmed, and arrested during the annual festival; Richard sent men to arrest Controy, outcome unknown; Richard was last seen heading towards Wayrest with Bear. Another trapper arrives with more news: the smoke is from the fire that destroyed the eastern half of Tinderbox.
Day 99 (6 October) – Cookie wakes up blind. Rune (MoX) in dirt nearby. Given Ederon’s history with Cookie, the party suspects him of being the cause. Party travels SE, E, arriving in Ashwood around 10:30am. Tim the dirt farmer takes us to Jacob’s place. (Jacob – mid-40s, white beard, missing right leg, Se’s father, Headsman of Ashwood.) Controy is dead, as are the men that Jacob sent (to assure Controy’s safety) with Richard’s forces. Jacob wants us to take Wayrest. Promises information if we do, arrest if we don’t. Suspecting a trap, Halgar shapeshifts into an eagle to check Vantage Point. Spend night in Tinderbox.

Day 100 (7 October) – We are joined by Brant, 20 Boundry Wardens, and 60 local militia. Before daybreak we discover a group of bandits planning a direct frontal assault on Wayrest. We hide in the woods while the bandits pass. Halgar becomes an eagle again and warns Wayrest of the bandit assault. Finds Edgar there with 50 men. Halgar stays, claiming to help, while actually learning about the gate mechanisms.

Halgar spend the night drinking hard with Edgar. Edgar sided with the King. Richard and Bear were arrested, beaten, and imprisoned at Wayrest. Halgar convinces Edgar that he (Halgar) can turn him (Edgar) into an eagle.

Day 101 (8 October): Halgar returns to Tinderbox for planning session.

Day 102 (9 October): Dawn. Edgar falls for Halgar’s con and falls to his death. Brant, his men, and the party begin their assault on Wayrest. With the loss of their leader and the inside help from Halgar, Wayrest falls.
===== ===== =====

XP for Logan + 3,633 = 13,048
XP for party members + 7,266



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