Halcyon Project

Tio arrives in Upper Teigh
Session 1

Day 1 in Upper Teigh
After many hours on the road, and a brief stop over in a mountain pass fortress known as Wayrest, the caravan I’m traveling with will be heading for Tinderbox, the de facto capital of Upper Teigh.
I’ve met up with several others who are also seeking their fortunes here at the frontier: , the daughter of local bowmakers and a ranger like myself; Halgar, a Dwarven Druid, a combination the elves in my homeland would never believe; Bear, a massive barbarian and man of few words; and Bear’s friend Ederon, an Elf in exile due to some strange power.
Arriving in Tinderbox without incident, despite dire warnings of bandit activity along the road from Wayrest, we headed to the center of town where notices for jobs are posted…

Job Posting in Tinderbox:
WANTED: “Iron” Rayne Harlow, Bandit ringleader, 3,000 GP reward
MISSING: Lilly of Ottershaw, Ottershaw is roughly 10 miles north of Tinderbox, posted by her parents James and Lydia
MISSING: Milo, posted by his wife Bella of Tinderbox, small house near West Gate
WANTED: Job the Trapper, for setting unposted traps in unsafe areas and having an expired permit
WANTED: Ankhegs, 100 GP reward for slaying one, 1500 GP reward for solution to Amkheg invasion

While we were perusing these postings, Edgar (Captain of the Guard and right-hand man of Sir Richard) arrived with a new one. Seeing us gathered there, he offered us the job he was about to post. We agreed to discuss the job with Sir Richard.
Sir Richard’s proposition is this: Travel the road east, hidden in an unguarded cart to try and draw out some of the bandits. Capture said bandits if possible, but let none escape. Ederon negotiated and the final fee is 100 GP each upfront, 100 GP each on successful completion, and 50 GP per prisoner delivered alive.
After some minor additional haggling, we repaired to the Eight Plates Tavern for rooms for the night and ale for Halgar.

Day 2 in Upper Teigh
In the pre-dawn hours, we set out aboard the cart with a local, and apparently slow, driver Barney. As expected the cart was soon set upon by bandits. When the Bandits recognized Barney, Ederon attempted to kill him, but (fortunately) missed badly.
Three of the four bandits were rapidly disabled by sleep and entangle spells, while the fourth is engaged in combat by Bear. While Tio and Sé were securing the prisoners, two additional bandits began firing arrows, one of which struck Ederon.
While Sé and Halgar continued securing Barney and the prisoners, I joined Bear in chasing down the other bandits. Bear took down one of the bandits. Ederon used a magic whisper to confuse one of the remaining bandits, who accidentally stabbed the other, nearly killing him. Bear quickly disabled the remaining bandit.
We used both magical healing and first aid to heal most of our injuries and brink Ederon back from the brink of death.
We, naturally, looted the prisoners. In addition to money, weapons, and armor, the presumed leader of the group had a sealed note. Since the wax seal had no imprint, we decided to open the note. Ederon and I (the only literate members of our group as far as I’ve discovered) read the note which indicated that Duke Controy was in cahoots with the bandits, including the bandit lord “Iron” Rayne Harlow. We re-sealed the note, unsure now of who we can trust.
We returned to town, turned over the prisoners to Edgar and met with Sir Richard to deliver the note and collect our reward. Sir Richard was clearly upset over the contents of the note and shared it with the party (all but Bear did an admirable job of looking surprised by the news). In addition to their reward, Sir Richard offered us ongoing employment, providing room and board at Eight Plates while in Tinderbox and Wilderness Permits.


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