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  • session002

    Day 3 in Upper Teigh In the pre-dawn hours, we met two more mean seeking adventure: Grimli, a capable looking Dwarven warrior, and his traveling companion, Arsic, a half-Orc healer. Upon discussion, we decided that seven sounded like a better number …

  • Sir Richard

    About Sir Richard: Richard's duties far exceed his relatively humble title. He acts as a de facto leader of [[Upper Teigh]]'s government. Richard gets his orders from the Duke but makes most actual decisions regarding administration of the Vale's …

  • Duke Aaron Controy

    He is seldom seen, but occasionally presides over festivals in [[Tinderbox]]. Little is known about his personality save that he rarely leaves the grounds of his manor outside of town and doesn't have much of a hand in the day-to-day operations of [[the …

  • Edgar

    Edgar serves under [[:richard|Sir Richard]] as the Captain of the town watch in [[Tinderbox]] and played a direct role in the near-fatal interrogation of [[:donald|Donald]].